MEGASPHERE is a business development community. We use mastermind techniques, accountability, and education to help our members. We are dedicated to helping businesses scale, growing in and with our communities, improving our lives, and creating an environment that encourages others to do the same.

Does MEGASPHERE meet every week?

Yes! Each community holds their own weekly meeting once per week.

I want to be a member! How do I join?

Usually, a prospective member comes to us through another member who has used and appreciated your services. If that is not the case, we'll ask you for a few referrals who've used your services so we can better understand the quality of your business.

Then we ask all prospective members to meet with Brett Wilde (Founder) and Jennifer Seely (Managing Partner). We want to learn about your business and help you understand the MEGASPHERE model.

Finally, we ask each new member to take a personality test. This test is largely for you as you'll understand more about yourself in taking it. But it also helps us understand how you'll fit into the group and what position in the group would best benefit from who you are.

Can I invite others to come with me to the weekly meetings?

Absolutely. MEGASPHERE is all about team building. Members are businesses, not individuals. Each business is invited to bring team members and guests, regularly. This helps us all grow as we interact with others and build our contacts. Your team members can benefit from coming to MEGASPHERE as they learn from the business education we provide, learn from what other businesses are working on in their business, and help provide referrals for other member businesses.

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