MEGASPHERE is a business growth community -- a group of business owners all working together to help each other grow. In our weekly meetings, we use mastermind techniques, accountability, and education to help our member businesses lay a foundation for growth. Then we add our Customer Connections Marketing Plan help their customers become raving fans who frequently send referrals! The flagship concept of the Customer Connection Marketing Plan are customer events: as a group of businesses we invite our best customers to multiple events (both parties and give-back-to-the-community service projects!) to treat our customers well, grow in our communities, to help our businesses stay top of mind AND share our businesses with each other's database. Our goal is that our member business's databases grow by 10% each year.

Does MEGASPHERE meet every week?

Yes! We meet weekly, but each of the weeks have different purposes: Weeks 1 & 3 are business presentations where business owners talk about what they're working on right now to grow their business and how that is going; Week 2 is a mastermind; and Week 4 is a workshop with local experts in business coming to teach our community. When there is a Week 5, we get together for fun activities, such as frisbee golf, skiing, polar plunges, etc.

What is the time commitment?

The weekly meetings are on Tuesdays at 8am and end at 9:30am. We recommend an early arrival to take part in open networking and meeting all who are there. We encourage setting up a Member Meet-Up each week after the meeting (or at another time) to get to know other business owners and learn how you can create opportunities for that business; we anticipate those taking about an hour, including reporting on the outcome of your efforts. Then, each month, you should schedule a time to present your business to another business's team members during their team meeting, and that may take about an hour. Accomplishing the tasks in the Customer Connections Marketing plan should take less than half an hour per week. For the 3 events per year, there will be some preparation tasks and then there is the time of the event itself, usually around 4 hours. All totaled, you can expect to spend 3 - 4 hours a week on MEGASPHERE activities that are all designed to help you grow your business.

Tell me more about these events. How do they help me grow my business?

In 2023, we had 3,500 people at our annual Summer Event at Splash Summit. Each of the member businesses invited their top 200 clients to the event. Each client was given raffle tickets to win a prize that each business purchases and displays in their booth. So each of the clients visits each booth to look at the prize and decide which bucket they'd like their ticket to go in. This gives each business owner a chance to talk to a whole new audience: the other business's best customers!

Before the events, all those who register are sent emails about each business and what they'll be offering at the event. In addition to raffle prizes (which add to the fun of the event!) each business also offers services to those who attend the event, so participants can come away with hundreds of dollars in discounted and free services, which invites better lead generation and growth for our businesses as they create opportunities for upselling these potential new customers. We track the leads that come from events and see that hundreds of leads are generated during those events!

After the event, attendees again receive information about the businesses along with any thank you gifts that the businesses can offer digitally. We follow up with our businesses to help them "close" the sale after the event. Events are a phenomenal way to offer value to our business's customers and help the business grow their database of customers who are raving fans!

I want to be a member! How do I join?

If you'd like to join MEGASPHERE, you'll have to A) attend at least two meetings and B) meet directly with our community leadership to answer your questions and ensure that we are good fit for each other. Once you fulfill those requirements, we'd love to invite you to meet with the community assistant for onboarding.

NOTE: We only accept one business in each industry to prevent competition between our members.

Can I invite others to come with me to the weekly meetings?

Absolutely. MEGASPHERE is all about team building. Members are businesses, not individuals. Each business is invited to bring team members and guests, regularly. This helps us all grow as we interact with others and build our contacts. Your team members can benefit from coming to MEGASPHERE as they learn from the business education we provide, learn from what other businesses are working on in their business, and help provide referrals for other member businesses.

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