Brett Wilde


Brett started in sales with Cintas and then began working in construction, which led him to real estate and he began building a team and business. In real estate, he combined his sales experience and construction experience to create an "HGTV Experience" for his clients' desired homes. To grow his business, he created new philosophies for marketing and growth. He knew those philosophies could be used by many businesses to grow and MEGASPHERE was born.

Jennifer Seely


Jennifer started a photography business as her first entrepreneurial effort and soon specialized in business photography. To do business photography well, she learned everything she could about branding and eventually went back to school and earned a Brand Management Certificate through the Executive Program at Cornell University. She worked as a Brand Manager until her business was absorbed by MEGASPHERE and she joined the leadership team.

Kate Baker


Kate joined MEGASPHERE in 2023 to manage the CRM and other administrative tasks. She began her administrative career in 2021 as a personal assistant for Build with Branding, a brand management business. Kate graduated BYU with a degree in Public Health, and now works to improve and maintain MEGASPHERE's CRM, website, and general administration. She's happy to help improve your business systems or build your CRM from the ground up.