Accountability with Goals

At our Design Your Goals event, we help you make both business and personal goals to execute throughout the year. Not only do we help you stay on track with your goals, but we track weekly lead measures as well to ensure we are all supporting each other as a community and as business owners.



We believe that your marketing budget is best spent on taking care of existing customers, rather than trying to constantly find and convert new customers. MEGASPHERE educates member businesses to support existing customers with education, gifts, opportunities, and fun events!

Business Development

In our weekly meetings, we learn business best practices, teach new business concepts, and assist members with implementation. We give you opportunities to mastermind with the group. Every few months each business is granted the opportunity to report on their business goals and where they stand. Group masterminding allows businesses to gain greater insight on how they can stay successful in reaching those annual goals.

Team Member Involvement

MEGASPHERE strongly believes that to have an effective business, you have to have a team that's just as dedicated and passionate about your business that you are. That's why we encourage our Meg Reps to bring their team members to the weekly meetings--we want the team members just as involved in improving the business as the Meg Rep is.