We would love to have your business represented at our event!

You'll be able to invite your database to this event and set up a booth in our Business Walkway to generate leads to grow your business!


Apply by April 26, 2024 @ 5pm and get $500 off!

Please read our FAQs before applying.

Why is your event valuable for my business to be a part of?

At MEGASPHERE, we firmly believe that the best way to generate leads for your business is to focus on your past customers, not chasing new customers. By giving back to your customers, you stay top of mind with them. When asked for a referral, they then refer you because yours the first name that comes to mind.

But Mega-Events are the vehicle, not the destination. Our Mega-Events are designed to generate a significant number of hot leads for your business. Lead generation starts before the event begins and continues after the event ends.

The event becomes YOUR party that you are throwing for your customers, because we provide you with invitation graphics that are branded for your business! You will send them out (unless you are part of the CCM) to invite your database.

Most small businesses can't afford to do events like these on their own. But when you join with a group of other businesses, each of you only pay a small part of a BIG party AND grow your business at the same time!

Mega-Events are only one of the ways we help you to stay top-of-mind with your past customers. If you'd like to learn of the other ways MEGASPHERE can help your business, come visit us at our Lehi Community!

What would my responsibility at the event be?

First, we ask each business to provide a "giveaway"--a FREE (or heavily discounted) something--that your business will give to each guest who requests it. We ask for that on the application below, so that we can prepare a QR code on cardstock that guests can use to sign up for your giveaway.

Second, each participant is required to come to a mandatory Event Prep meeting on Tuesday, June 18th at 8am. It will be a 90 minute meeting to go over event details and create a plan for turning the event into a lead generation vehicle for you.

Third, on the day of the event, you'll need to bring

• A branded booth* with a branded table cloth

• A fold-out table and chairs

• Flyers or other advertisement materials for your business

• Branded swag (optional)

• At least one raffle prize for a guest to win

• A volunteer (they will help out at the event, not be in the booth with you)

* MEGASPHERE highly encourages the use of our standard booth. This booth is 10x10 with a pop-canopy with an attached back wall, a branded tablecloth for a 6 ft table (table not included), 12 ft tall flags, and a carrying case for it all. A cohesive, village-like feel is created when all the booths are the same size and shape and guests feel they’ve entered a professional (but still fun!) environment. Each business owns its booth, so it can be used for other events. A high quality booth is a great investment in the future growth of your business. If you don't have a branded booth, we can help you get one! Contact us for details.

What will MEGASPHERE provide?

MEGASPHERE provides the same package to each business that has been approved to join the event. It includes

• Landing Page for all Business Giveaways (so guests can see all the giveaways from all businesses, regardless of attending the event)

• Graphics (branded for your business!) to invite your clients by email

• An advertising plan (for those not using the CCM)

• Pre-event Business Highlight by Email. The highlight includes the businesses that are sponsoring the event and their giveaway service

• A 10x10 space to set up a booth

• Lead Tracking QR Code to share your giveaway

• Raffle Tickets & Pens (though we recommend having your own branded pens!)

• Containers to gather raffle tickets

• Water Bottle Pack (when necessary)

• Treasure Hunt Clues

• Post-event Business Highlight by Email. The highlight includes a thank you to our sponsors and another chance at the giveaways

• A CSV file of all the generated leads for your business

The above is provided for all sponsors of our Mega-Events, Sphere member or not.

I'm not a current member of MEGASPHERE. Can I still apply to be at the event?

Yes! You don't have to be a member of the Sphere to join our events. We have spots available for your business and our Mega-Event package (what MEGASPHERE provides) is given to any business that is approved to join the event. It's an opportunity for your business to team up with other businesses to create a fun party. You'll get to meet potential clients and let your clients have a fun event.

However, Sphere members do have the first option for a space at the event. If you'd like to apply as a non-member, you can do so below. We'll keep you on a waitlist and let you know before the advertising plan begins if your application has been accepted.

Can I post the events to social media?

No. These events are not for the general public. These events are solely for those already in your database only. This is true regardless of if you are a member, a non-member, or a waitlisted business.

How many people attend these events?

When our events have 20 businesses participating, we anticipate 3000 - 5000 guests, which would represent around 700 - 1,000 households. Our goal is to help you get 1% of the number of households as leads for your business. Keep this in mind, when planning your business giveaway.

What is the Treasure Hunt?

The Treasure Hunt is one of the ways that we encourage all our guests to visit all of the booths. They'll be given a clue when they register at the event. The clue will share some of the benefits of using your business. They'll bring the clue to you, you'll sign it and hand them the next clue, which takes them to a different booth. When they've made their way to all of the booths, they'll be able to come to the MEGASPHERE booth and put in a special ticket for drawing for the grand prize!

BBSI is donating a big screen tv as the grand prize the Summer Mega-Event! If your business would like to donate a grand prize, we'd be happy to give that away as well!

How much does it cost for my business to participate?

Early bird pricing!!! Apply before April 26th for the Summer Mega-Event and the cost is just $3,000! You'll save $500 on doing this event for your clients!

After April 26th, the cost goes back to the regular price of $3,500. Applications for the event must be submitted by May 17th.

Sphere members receive a discount on these prices, the option for multi-night attendance, and priority for a space at the event.

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